Advantages of the Buy Now Pay Later Option

The ‘buy now pay later’ option has made shopping even more fun than it ever has been―an unabashed reflection of the consumerist society we live in today. Have you ever experienced the disappointed feeling when you just fell in love with a dress that you felt you must have, only to discover that you had run out of funds? However, now with the order now pay later choice, also called credit shopping, you can go right ahead and buy anything that catches your fancy and pay for it later.

Makes Shopping Faster
It is many online stores that have made buy now pay later shopping even more convenient, by allowing online shoppers to opt for the ‘bill me later’ option when they checkout. The experience with the bill me later option is really simple to use. Most of us lead busy lives; this is the reason why we opt for online shopping. This option makes purchasing through your computer faster than ever before.

No Need to Provide Account Numbers
The process is really fast because of the fact that you need not worry about giving your account numbers, and neither is there any waiting involved. The information that you are obliged to give with the bill me later feature is superficial, which you would have memorized anyway. This is why most impatient shoppers find this option such a boon.

It is Secure
When shopping online, most shoppers want to feel secure. Many people experience a nervous feeling every time they have to enter their account information online, particularly of late with all identity theft cases that have been brought to light. However, with this option, there is no need to give any personal information.

It Offers Attractive Credit Options
Another convenience that many stores offer is credit facilities, such as not having to pay from 90 to 120 days. In fact, some stores also waive off the interest if payments are made within 90 days. These facilities are usually offered on purchases over a certain amount, which can vary from USD 100 to even up to USD 500, and sometimes even more.

Plenty of Items Available
There are practically endless items that you can buy these days with credit shopping. From clothing items, to accessories, to bed linen, to jewelry, home appliances, to home décor items, to furniture; you name it and you will find it. In fact, many buy now pay later online stores offer myriad products at the same site. All you need to do is choose what you want to buy and simply follow the simple procedures and opt for the bill me later option.

A Word of Caution
Due to the ease of buying, you can easily end up spending beyond your means. Some day, you will have to find the money to pay off the credit card bill or the overdraft. One way to avoid that is to pay off your full bill every month. This is highly recommended, otherwise you will have to pay the interest charges if the balance is carried over from one month to another. But, buy now pay later also has the added convenience of letting you pay in installments instead of having to pay off the whole bill at one shot.

In conclusion, it must be said that the buy now pay later option provides you with great convenience due to its flexibility of making deferred payments. It even allows you to make purchases of expensive products. However, you must use it judiciously and sensibly in order to have fun while you shop to your heart’s content.

On Thinking Before Buying

Now that it’s November, it’s important to go right out this second and buy as many holiday/Christmas gifts as you can and cannot afford. Don’t wait for the big Thanksgiving sales. Don’t wait for the weekend. Don’t even wait until you’ve read the rest of this article. Go out, right this instant, and buy things! Because if you don’t buy things, it means you don’t love people enough, and everyone will know that you don’t really care about them. Don’t think; just buy! Happy holidays!

Are you a little, or more than a little, tired of that particular set of messages? Are you tired, too, of having the same conversation every year with salespeople, about how it seems like the ‘holiday shopping season’ comes earlier every year? Or of reading human interest stories about intense shopping experiences each year in your local paper? If so, this article’s for you. If not, well, I probably sound like a bit of a Grinch.

But isn’t that kind of funny in itself? Somehow, weariness of the consumer folderol that surrounds the winter holidays gets equated with being a Grinch. Well, don’t worry; I don’t intend to steal Christmas. (Though wasn’t the moral of that story that Christmas isn’t about the presents? That’s at least how the story gets presented, though one might well wonder if we, as consumers-viewers-readers, would find it quite so satisfying if, at the end, the Grinch didn’t bring back all the presents.) Instead, I just want to ask you to think for a moment about buying things. Not about which things you’ll buy and for whom, but about the process of buying things itself.

Spend ten or fifteen minutes really thinking about holiday gift-buying: why you do it, when, and so forth. If you’re feeling hardcore, actually sit down and write about it. And if you’re having difficulty (or even if you’re not), try answering some or all the following questions.

– When you buy someone a gift, why do you do so?
– If you feel anxious about finding the ‘right’ gift, why is that?
– What do you think may happen if you get the ‘wrong’ gift?
– When do you buy your gifts for the holidays? Why at that time?
– How would it change your experience of the whole process if you bought all your holiday gifts in June?
– Why don’t you buy gifts in June (unless, of course, you do)?
– How do you decide which people you’ll buy gifts for and which you won’t?
– How do you feel when people you haven’t given anything to buy gifts for you? Why? How do you react?
– How much money do you think is appropriate or necessary to spend on a gift (think about different categories: for a workmate, for your lover, for your parents, etc.)? Why?
– What factors in your own life influence how much money you think should be spent on gifts?
– What do you think would happen if you bought no gifts at all?
– What do you think would happen if you bought something, however small, for every single person you know?
– What’s your opinion on home-made gifts? Why?
– What factors in your own life might have influenced that perspective?

Like I said before, I don’t aim to steal Christmas. This isn’t an article that’s trying to get you not to buy gifts for anybody. It’s not even trying to get you to complain to your local store manager about the Christmas tree that’s going up in the window on November 2nd. In fact, this article is not trying to get you to do anything. Anything but think, that is. Where thinking about buying gifts takes you afterwards is entirely your business. Now, though, I’ve got to go; I’m going to sit down and think about this a little more myself. Luckily, there’s a handy list of questions to help me do so right at hand.